Personal Training

Why Personal Training is Perfect for you!

Our Personal Trainers can help you set realistic goals in conjunction with your unique requirements. If you’re not sure where to start, or stuck in the same routine, then Personal Training is for you. Our Personal Trainers understand the challenges you face when working towards your personal goals and are experts at giving you the best range of exercises, with the perfect amount of reps and sets. Our Personal Trainers are the perfect solution for getting faster results, reducing chance of injury, overcome plateaus, establishing a lifetime exercise habit and so much more! Our Trainers will help you get results you want with expert advice and guidance. Whether you are just starting at the gym or have been consistently training, having your own Personal Trainer along with a Body Composition Scan is a great way to achieve maximum results. Talk to one of our team and get started today!

The Benefits of Personal Training


Overcome Plateaus

When you hit a plateau in your exercise routine, it can be hard to push through and stay motivated.  A personal trainer can help you understand why you hit a plateau and find ways for you to work through it and see more results. Your trainer will be able to provide more options to mix up your training.


Faster and Maximum Results

Having a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure that you are spending time on the proper types of exercise. If you only have a limited amount of time to work out, a personal trainer will make sure that you get the best results possible for the amount of time that you put it.


Staying Motivated and Focused

Our Personal Trainers can help you find ways to make healthy living and exercise a priority in your life and also overcome obstacles that might prevent you from exercising, and help you set many small, achievable goals. Scheduling a specific time with your personal trainers is critical to ensuring you commit to your personal goals. Our Trainers are all about positivity and making sure you get a jumpstart into a workout!



Education is another critical factor integrated in Personal Training, our Trainers will help teach you how to achieve your goals whilst also teaching you perfect form to maximise results and safety. Every session you will learn the safe and correct technique and execution of different exercises. The more sessions that you have you are slowly becoming more equipped with the knowledge of training. Just think how this will change your training moving forward


Improves Your Mental Health

You know a good workout is a workout when you feel good! A personal trainer will help you feel release these positive endorphins, which will have a large impact on your mental health and your motivation.


Structure and Planning

It is hard to have a goal without a plan.  One of our trainers will be able to tailor a plan specifically for you.  Having structure with your workouts can create great time management and it is the best way to achieve your goals in a certain time frame.  Take all of the guess work out of your workouts and let our Personal Trainers help you.

Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
👉 When you're committed to something, you accept NO EXCUSES, only RESULT'S

💥Book your PT sessions, for this coming week NOW!!!!

👉See me at reception to book directly or

👉Message me though the
Fitness Matters Club facebook page or


➡️My Spots for this coming week:

👉Mon: 12.15pm, 1.15pm

👉Tues: 11.00am, 12.00pm, 1.00pm

👉Wed: 12.15pm

👉Thurs: 12.15pm, 1.15pm

🔴 All sessions MUST be confirmed 24 hours prior to session day.

$99.00 - 3x 30 minute sessions LIMITED TIME
$29.00 - Body Scan
$29.00 - New member program

🤗Small group session's now can be booked 2 to 5 people.

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Kat 🙂
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba

👉Don't forget that GRIT is starting from this Monday night 6.30pm with Kat

👉The response to the new addition to our Group Fitness Schedule is awesome, there are limited spots and filling up FAST!!! so get in quick.

⬇️WHY add GRIT to your training?

👉GRIT is considered one of the quickest ways to take your fitness to the next level, the high-intensity interval training of a LES MILLS GRIT workout builds cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle while sending calorie burn through the roof. ALL exercises can be modified to suit your individual fitness levels.

🤗I can't wait to share with everyone who's yet too feel the GRIT EFFECT💪

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Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
💖Introducing my raffle winner💖

💗I had goosebumps and butter flies when Summer from HQ Espresso drew out Tena Deans name out of the basket.

💕I asked Tena if she'd share her story. Man one tough cookie, jumped many hurdles to get her health to where she is today.

💖I can't wait to get you back training and find your inner warrior again.

💖 Kia Kaha,


👉Meet Tena

Early March 2016 life as I knew changed dramatically. I've never been a breast checker, although completely by accident I found a lump on my right breast. I booked a Dr appointment, closely followed by an Ultrasound and Biopsy. March 30th I heard those words I never thought Id hear, You Have Breast Cancer!

Wow! 6 weeks later I had a double mastectomy. February 2017 bought a full hysterectomy, as my cancer was hormone based ER/PR positive, so the chances of it hitting my ovaries were very high. I had a 12 hour reconstruction surgery May 2018, called a DIEP Flap. So 7 surgeries and 5 years later and in the clear. I joined the gym to help with my bone density, which has improved avoid osteoporosis.
The bottom line is, if I hadn't checked and got it seen to it could have been alot worse. Early detection saves lives. Check your boobs (*) (*)

#earlydetection #getchecked #spreedawareness #nbcfaus

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