Body Composition Analysis

What is a Body Composition Scan?

If you are serious about your health and fitness and achieving your goals, Body Composition Scan’s are just the thing for you!

Body Composition Scan’s are a great first step to motivating yourself in achieving your goals! These scans are non invasive and they are a great method to find out if your exercise routine is making a positive impact. Normal scales will only measure your weight, whereas a Body Composition Scan will give you an accurate breakdown in the categories below of what that that weight actually consists of.

To really maximize the full potential of a Body Composition Scan, we also recommend a consultation with one of our Personal Trainers to fast track your results and help you with your goal setting, training management and motivation.

Body Composition Scans are highly recommended for everyone that works out. It is a great starting point to your journey in fitness.

Body Composition Scans Measure:




Bone Mass


Body Fat (% & kg)


Basil Metabolic Age


Body Free Mass


Basil Metabolic Rate


Muscle Mass


Visceral Fat


Total Body Water (% & kg)


Body Mass Index

Initial Consultation

*If completing your first scan, the initial consultation is required and will include an information pack which will breakdown the information contained on your scan. During the course of the initial consultation, client and the trainer will assess the results in detail, discuss both training and nutritional habits which may influence such results and use this reading as a starting point moving forward.


Platinum $35.00 | Members $35.00 | Non-Members $45.00

Talk to one of our friendly team at reception to organize a booking

Follow-Up Consultation

As the name suggests, each scan following your initial scan is known as a ‘follow-up consultation’. During this consultation another  scan will be completed and then compared to your previous scan results. Based on the results, client and the trainer will discuss areas of positive progression, identify areas needing improvement and talk in depth about the training and nutritional habits since the last scan which may contribute to the follow up scan reading. This service is ideal for those who are results driven and interested in knowing if their hard work and dedication is paying dividends.


Platinum $29.00 | Members $29.00 | Non-Members $39.00

Talk to one of our friendly team at reception to organize a booking

No-Frills BCA Scan

If you’re someone who’s not interested in discussing your results, not interested in identifying areas where progress has been made or improvements needed, and not interested in receiving guidance from a fitness professional on how you can better improve, than this No-Frills service may be what you’re looking for. The No-Frills BCA Scan is exactly that, just a scan. You will still get your results printout but without the added extras mentioned above. This means you will be required to track your own results and determine yourself just how you plan to progress for that point on. We only recommend this to those who are educated enough to understand Body Composition, Exercise Programming and Nutritional Manipulation to achieve the results one desires.


Platinum $25.00 | Members $25 | Non-Members $35.00


Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
👉 When you're committed to something, you accept NO EXCUSES, only RESULT'S

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Kat 🙂
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba

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👉The response to the new addition to our Group Fitness Schedule is awesome, there are limited spots and filling up FAST!!! so get in quick.

⬇️WHY add GRIT to your training?

👉GRIT is considered one of the quickest ways to take your fitness to the next level, the high-intensity interval training of a LES MILLS GRIT workout builds cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle while sending calorie burn through the roof. ALL exercises can be modified to suit your individual fitness levels.

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Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
💖Introducing my raffle winner💖

💗I had goosebumps and butter flies when Summer from HQ Espresso drew out Tena Deans name out of the basket.

💕I asked Tena if she'd share her story. Man one tough cookie, jumped many hurdles to get her health to where she is today.

💖I can't wait to get you back training and find your inner warrior again.

💖 Kia Kaha,


👉Meet Tena

Early March 2016 life as I knew changed dramatically. I've never been a breast checker, although completely by accident I found a lump on my right breast. I booked a Dr appointment, closely followed by an Ultrasound and Biopsy. March 30th I heard those words I never thought Id hear, You Have Breast Cancer!

Wow! 6 weeks later I had a double mastectomy. February 2017 bought a full hysterectomy, as my cancer was hormone based ER/PR positive, so the chances of it hitting my ovaries were very high. I had a 12 hour reconstruction surgery May 2018, called a DIEP Flap. So 7 surgeries and 5 years later and in the clear. I joined the gym to help with my bone density, which has improved avoid osteoporosis.
The bottom line is, if I hadn't checked and got it seen to it could have been alot worse. Early detection saves lives. Check your boobs (*) (*)

#earlydetection #getchecked #spreedawareness #nbcfaus

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