Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or build muscle – there is a large variety of different workout supplements on the market today. For someone who is new to the gym, it can be quite confusing and daunting to decide what exact supplement to buy or use. There is a lot of information out there on the internet and most of it can be quite difficult to understand. Supplements are substances you eat or drink and can always be beneficial and play an important part in your diet.

They can range from different types of protein powders, pre workouts, Intra workouts, recovery fuels, vitamins, minerals, herbs or other plants, amino acids (the individual building blocks of protein), or parts of these substances. They can be in powder, pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form. They supplement (add to) the diet and should not be considered a total substitute for food, unless under medical instruction.

Supplements combined with exercise can potentially maximise your results in the gym and also in the day to day hustle and bustle. Supplements are widely available and we stock everything that you will need to reach your goals or get the best out of your workouts. We have listed just a few of our range below to give you an idea on some of the products that we stock and what they do. Speak to one of our team for more information.


Giants Sports 100% Whey Protein

100% Whey Protein is extremely effective for repairing and building muscle, which is essential after your workout. This incredible tasting Protein shake can not only benefit athletes looking to build muscle but can also benefit those with a wide variety of health concerns. This Protein Powder tastes amazing and it is easy to drink. 


Protein Switch

Another awesome Protein product that is vegan friendly, gluten free and lactose free. This delicious shake is perfect to consume after a workout for muscle recovery and build.


Amino Switch

Amino Switch is a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) and Essential Amino Acid (EAA) supplement that contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids in the perfect ratio to support muscle recovery and growth. It is also packed with electrolytes so that you avoid dehydration. This product is amazing and its also 100 percent natural. 


Power Switch

Power switch is the perfect pre workout for all training types. It gives 10x greater pumps that 7G of arginine and 200% longer energy than caffeine alone. This delicious Pre workout reduces fatigue and increase pump during your workout!


Thermal Switch

Thermal Switch contains a combination of stimulants and nootropics to enhance mental performance, control appetite, elevate mood and boosts thermogenesis! Thermal will help to burn body fat and also give you a lift during your workouts. It’s 100 percent natural and an amazing product. 


Keto Switch

Keto Switch helps bio-hack the benefits of ketosis through boosting ketone levels. This product is great for burning fat, controlling hunger, hormone support, supporting lean muscle, increasing energy and improving performance. This product is truly amazing and it is 100 percent natural. 


Adrenal Switch

Adrenal Switch has been created to be consumed before bed or after a hard training session. Adrenal will help support muscle recovery, reduce stress, lower cortisol, improve performance, enhance sleep and build muscle. This is 100 percent natural and an amazing stress releasing formula. 


Alpha Switch

Alpha Switch is designed to SWITCH ON your inner ALPHA! With 100% natural hormone support formula the product supports muscle recovery, lowers excess estrogen, Increase free testosterone, increase strength, boost libido and improves overall performance!

Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
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Fitness Matters Jimboomba
Fitness Matters Jimboomba
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