2017 is nearly upon us and if you haven’t already in one way or another you will have list of a goals for the year ahead. For some the list may be mental, others will jot them down, but essentially whether we try to or not there will be things we set out to achieve in 2017, ‘resolutions’ so to speak. But this can be flawed.


Don’t get us wrong, having a list of goals is great, but a few weeks (or even months) into the year some goals will become forgotten while others are seen as irrelevant due to current circumstances. So what about rather than having a goals list you made an I WILL list instead?


Think about it for a moment.. when you say to yourself, or others, that you WILL do something your psychology automatically changes. In your mind you start to think about the process, what do I need, what steps do I take, what’s the next action. You will do whatever you can to make it happen. In your mind nothing is going to stop you from achieving that result. Stating I WILL is more positive, I WILL is more powerful, I WILL announces to the world that this WILL be done.


If you’ve already listed your goals for 2017 that’s great, it’s a start. But, what we want you to do is drop the goals mentality and start investing your time, energy and focus on the I WILL instead.


In the club we will be clearing the white board from announcements and any club related information. This can move on to somewhere else for something more important – the FMJ Member I WILL Wall.


Whatever it is that you WILL achieve in 2017 we want you to put it on the wall. This doesn’t need to be health or fitness related, it can be anything. Once it’s done, cross it off to announce that business has been done. This is our wall of honor and come the end of 2017 great things would have been accomplished.


We look forward to seeing your I WILL’s.


Until next time.


p.s. Remain anonymous, it’s more fun this way…


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