Member Feedback

At Fitness Matters Jimboomba we value what our members and guests have to say. Whether positive or constructive, all feedback issued about your Fitness Matters Jimboomba experience will be taken on board with an open mindset.

All we ask is that for each constructive feedback you provide that you also leave something positive to say about our great club and visa versa. If you leave us positive comment, please leave us a constructive one. We want to hear it all.

Feedback = an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

To submit your feedback simply complete the below fields and hit submit.

The feedback provided will be kept confidential and only available to club management.

From everybody at Fitness Matters,

Thank you.

p.s. All we ask is that please refrain from using provocative language and no naming of any fellow members, guests or Fitness Matters Team.


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