Body Composition Analysis

Ordinary bathroom scales measure only one thing – weight. They can’t distinguish between the kilos that come from fat and the kilos that come from muscle.

Using a Wedderburn Tanita Body Composition Analyser, just like the ones you’ll see at doctor surgeries, we’ll measure both weight & body fat percentage quickly & easily, in the comfort of our consulting room. With one of our personal trainers in just moments you’re looking at the data, that when put together, gives you an overall picture of your health & fitness.

As a part of your initial scan you’ll also be given an information sheet outlining what your scan means as well as a body composition analysis summary sheet you can take home with you. In additional to this, we’ll even take your girth measurements & set you up with your very own profile tracking sheet so you can track and compare your progress with each follow up consultation.

Body Composition Analysis Includes:


Body Fat (% & Kg)

Fat Free Mass

Muscle Mass

Total Body Water (% & Kg)

Bone Mass

Basil Metabolic Rate

Visceral Fat

Body Mass Index

Girth Measurements

Waist to Hip Ratio


Don’t go wasting your time, come see us and start tracking your progress today!

Initial Consultation

*If completing your first scan, the initial consultation is required and will include an information pack which will breakdown the information contained on your scan. A tracking profile will also be established to compare each additional scan to closely monitor progress and/or results. During the course of the initial consultation, client and trainer/coach will assess the results in detail, discuss both training and nutritional habits which may influence such results and use this reading as a starting point moving forward.


Platinum $40.00 | Members $45.00 | Non-Members $50.00

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Follow-Up Consultation

As the name suggests, each scan following your initial scan is known as a  ‘follow-up consultation’. During this consultation another BCA scan will be completed and then compared to your previous scan results. Based on the results, client and trainer/coach will discuss areas of positive progression, identify areas needing improvement and talk in depth about the training and nutritional habits since the last scan which may contribute to the follow up scan reading. This service is ideal for those who are results driven and/or interested in knowing if their hard work and dedication is paying dividends.


Platinum $35.00 | Members $40.00 | Non-Members $45.00

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No-Frills BCA Scan

If you’re someone who’s not interested in discussing your results, not interested in identifying areas where progress has been made or improvements needed, and not interested in receiving guidance from a fitness professional on how you can better improve, than this No-Frills service may be what you’re looking for. The No-Frills BCA Scan is exactly that, just a scan. You will still get your results printout but without the added extras mentioned above. This means you will be required to track your own results and determine yourself just how you plan to progress for that point on. We only recommend this to those who are educated enough to understand Body Composition, Exercise Programming and Nutritional Manipulation to achieve the results one desires.


Platinum $25.00 | Members $30.00 | Non-Members $40.00

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**Track Your Results**

To assist with tracking results, it is recommended to have a scan every 4-6 WEEKS or PRIOR to commencing any new exercise or   nutrition plan. This allows you to accurately determine whether your exercise and/or nutrition plan is working for you.


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