Written by: Andrew Beutel, Trainer @ Fitness Matters Jimboomba

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and as you gather more experience on the gym floor, you will realise doing an exercise is just the beginning. There are almost endless ways to advance the impact of any exercise with added training variables.

Stretch Further 

Everybody will have their default setting they go to in the gym, which dictates how you train that specific muscle. Range of motion is a big thing which you can change to instantly unleash a new level of punishment on your muscle. Take seated cable rows, if you pull back by an extra 2-3 inches than you do right now that will totally change the spectrum of muscle fibres being blasted. 

More fibres around your spinal erectors and lower lat insertions will respond just by adding a little extra stretch into that movement. This is true for a lot of exercises for a lot of different muscles. 

Change Your Position 

You will have a default position you use for most exercises. Again, by realising this and consciously changing that you will actively make new muscles work in ways they’ve never had to before. Positioning is a important part of building more muscle. Take leg extensions, if you sit in a neutral position and keep your feet in a neutral position you’ll find you get a decent response. Now lean back slightly and point your toes upwards and feel how that force transcends from your teardrop right up through your thigh. All you’ve done is become more intentional about your positioning. 

Add Another Step 

This gets more advanced and you must take this in the right context! By adding a small extra step to an exercise, you can literally cause the muscle to explode with a massive pump, compared to the standard variation you’ve become accustomed to. Steps like using drop sets, forced reps, static holds, reverse pyramid sets. The list goes on so why not give it a go next time you train.


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