Written by: Andrew Beutel, Trainer @ Fitness Matters Jimboomba

Muscle Connection 

For the average guy doing low volume training won’t present enough of an opportunity to recruit enough muscle fibres by really connecting with the muscle. High volume training allows you to keep punching the reps and sets out, making that muscle keep coming back for more until it must surrender to the punishment. But always remember to maintain reasonable form so as to prevent injury.

Energy Usage 

The energy you burn through when training with high volume, the intensity makes for the perfect fat loss recipe. The constant movement between your aerobic energy system, ATP system then back to your lactic acid system gives the perfect scenario for high energy output. As you etch another rep into your muscle fibres, it just puts a bigger dent into your calorie stores. 

If you want dramatic results, then high volume training won’t disappoint. 


This lifestyle goes way deeper than looking jacked in the gym? It’s about becoming a well-rounded athlete who can stack weight machines with ease, crushing set after set yet have the lungs to go mountain biking the next day as well. High volume training conditions your whole body for heightened athleticism. 



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